Wide Mouth Outlet

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What is the purpose of a Wide Mouth Outlet?

The RGG Wide Mouth Outlet provides the widest opening possible for a gutter outlet. So don’t sweat the small stuff!

The Wide Mouth is four times larger than regular outlets. Airborne dirt and small troublesome debris passes smoothly and completely unobstructed into the downspout.

The Wide Mouth Outlet also eliminates the use of fasteners or sealants around the downspout outlet, which removes debris snagging problems.

Wide Mouth Outlet Top View

Colors Available from popular Gutter Coil Manufacturers

Wide Mouth Outlet Raindrop Color Chart 17

Sizes & Opening Styles

  • Available in 5″K & 6″K sizes.
  • Standard & Dead End Mounts.
Wide Mouth Outlet Printable Instructions

Printable Installation Instructions for the Wide Mouth Outlet by Raindrop Gutter Guard Systems.