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Welcome To Raindrop Gutter Guard Systems

In the 30 years that Steve Nitch, creator of Raindrop® Gutter Guard Systems, worked as a roofer, he came across a lot of different gutter guards. Through numerous frustrating trial and error processes, he decided that he wanted to try his hand at making a gutter guard that actually kept gutters flowing properly while eliminating the pesky upkeep that goes along with other gutter guards.

Steve made the first Raindrop® prototype out of coffee stir straws, glue and blue paint. He took that first prototype and spoke with his good friend and neighbor, who worked as a scientist at a Chicago based National Research and Development Laboratory, to see how he could improve the design. With a little fine tuning, they had something that addressed all the gutter guard issues and performed the way Steve wanted it to.

In December of 1999, the Raindrop® Gutter Guard came to be a reality. A final prototype, made of polypropylene instead of coffee stirrers, was developed and was ready to be put into action. After rigorous testing and fine tuning, the Raindrop®Gutter Guard was perfected and was ready to be used by anyone and everyone that was sick of gutter problems.

In April of 2000, the very first patented Raindrop® Gutter Guard System was installed, and to this day, is still installed and working great. How many other gutter guards can say that?

Who Is RGG

The Raindrop® Gutter Guard Mission is to perfect gutter protection by keeping every gutter flowing free and clear of debris. We aim to create a gutter guard protection system that keeps every homeowner in America safely on the ground.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Homeowners: You won’t have to worry about your gutters overflowing or being clogged. Relax and enjoy the rainstorms.

Contractors: We want to help you with as much of the little things as possible, because if we can help you grow, then you will help make us a better company. Just ask.

We won’t stop working until our customers are happy. When Raindrop® is installed properly, you will not have to clean your gutters for years, an you can rest assured that they will not overflow or be damaged. If they do break, we will replace the material for free.

What Customers Say

Thank you very much, I’m sure as the neighbors find out what we have done with our gutter covers, we’ll be ordering more.
Bruce R., California
From the installer side, the product is quick and easy to installHomeowners also like the look much more than the “helmet” type covers and often comment positively about how will it works. I truly believe (after using numerous other gutter protection systems) that Raindrop Gutter Guard is far superior than all of those products.
Jake G., Wisconsin
I have tried at least four different gutter guards to resolve the capture of rainwater to prevent gutter overflows as well as their ability to deal with leaves and pine needles. Unquestionably, the Raindrop Gutter Guard has performed the best. I ultimately resolved my most challenging overflow problem with the flat roof.
Pat C., Deleware
After 11 years the gutters were still clean.
Jim A., Illinois
Prior to using Raindrop I had call backs and problems with other products. Companies that claim to rate gutter protection don’t take into account climate. In our northern climate, Raindrop is the only non-conductive, high volume system that gives good water shedding and will not conduct cold to the edge. —— Been installing RAINDROP since 2009, I won’t install any other product now.
Jim M., Wisconsin
That’s why my customers recommend me, they know I do a great job, they see how excited I am about the product!!!!!!!!! And they know its good.  P.S.- I love your product!!! I love you guys!!!  Thank you smart, genius gutter, entrepreneur, inventor person.  Every house in America should  have it!!!!!
Carl B., Illinois
We are so looking forward to working with this product, as we have tested it and found it to be all that it says.
Kay S.N., Maryland
Best gutter guards ever! Hubby has not had get up on the roof to clear out leaves! The best in the industry!
Conita C., Illinois
I really like the Raindrop. My customers LOVE it!!! I try to be honest with my customers about pros and cons of all guards and I haven’t found any cons with Raindrop
Randal M., Tennessee
The needles from the pines have slid down and off the roof this fall, thanks to the Raindrop gutter guards installed this year. Thanks so much!
Denise D., Wisconsin
I like that there’s more then one way to install the guards because in the field there’s always some thing that cause’s a simple job into a time consuming problem.
Chris S., Illinois
Project complete. I’m very satisfied with your product. The guards installed easily and look good. I have only a few small pine needles accumulating, and they are being washed away with the rain or blown away with the wind. I only wish I had known of your product before I spent hundreds of dollars on the other 3 or 4 products I bought and was disappointed.
Fred L., Pennsylvania
I have used them all! I only recommend RAINDROP Best system I have ever seen!
Carl B., Illinois
We have tried many leaf guard products before finding Raindrop. We had issues with every one of them. We have now been installing Raindrop for 7+ years without an issue. We love this product!
James P., Illinois
We’ve been using your product for years. Raindrop is easy to install and it works. We have never had any complaints or services after installation.
Chris S., Illinois
Raindrop is a great system!
Bruce S., Illinois
Got them and already have them installed. Looks great. I think you will have some more orders when my friends see mine.
David B., Iowa
I am very pleased so far, as it went very well and looks perfect! Thanks for your great service!
John S., Kansas
The system installed quite easily and looks very good.
Sherman D., Maine
They work! and easy to install compared to most screens. I’ve installed them under 3/4″ thick slate over a lead half round gutter and these in no way interfere with the architecture or historical appearance! I think these are the most effective.
Mike B., Missouri
We’ve just celebrated our 100 year anniversary in business and we’ve installed gutters for decades on homes. Out of all the products we have tried over the years we have had the best luck and had the best customer feedback with the Raindrop system.
Greg G., New York
My husband & I finished installing the guards. We LOVE them! Great quality & really work for our home that’s in the woods!
Jennifer S., Ohio
The gutter guards work great! I have a large Locust tree in my front yard very close to the house, NOTHING has ever kept these small leaves out of my gutters. When it dropped its leaves a couple of weeks ago, I got the ladder and took a look, I was amazed, no leaves! These guards work great!
Gary L., Ohio
Great product, Good company to do business with.
Randal M., Tennessee
It handles any volume of water without any problem. And during winter times there is no ice damming.
Edgar S., Wisconsin
This is beyond what you needed to do to cover my error. Thank you very much. Your customer service is unbelievable!
Sherman D., Maine
I think Raindrop is one of the best gutter guards that there is out on the market now, durable, works very well and looks great
Nick J., Wisconsin
Had a real down pore…Good test for the gutter guards. They worked well. I’m pleased with their performance.
Bovie B., Texas
I am a one man operation that happens on a lot of older houses that have no gutter protection or failed gutter protection and I came upon one client that had Raindrop guards and they worked well for a number of years so I looked into them a bit and was happy with what I saw. I have been in business for myself for a little over 3 years after working for a carpentry contractor for 21 years and have installed rain drop guards on a half dozen or so houses thus far and am looking forward to finding more clients in the future.
Brian H, Wisconsin
Very durable, really works.
Mark Z., North Carolina
By far the most popular choice of our customers. It is visually appealing, Not restrictive of the water flow and there are no call backs.
Larry L., Wisconsin